UNHWa Bathroom Interior Design

It is look like a dream. It is beautifully perfumed, dry, clean, lighted and well aired. Yes we are talking about a bathroom decorated with modern furnishers and bathroom fittings. A modern bathroom should have the facility of everything to get the ultimate refreshment like cold and worm water supply, well ventilation passageway, lighting arrangement, cooling system of the room, floor drying arrangement above all decoration. And UNHWa the name of modern interior design offer you that decoration with the combination of all those facility. Just have look on our decorating ideas. We mainly focus on the fittings and the furnisher of the bathroom. Colorful furnisher as well as modern can increase the beauty of your bathroom. If it is not a big bathroom then our idea is to set up the tub at one corner of the room and keep the middle of the room free. We prefer to use a curtain around the tub so that your floor wont be wet. As well as we would like to use a mat on the floor. Sure it will make your bathroom more beautiful. UNHWa Malaysia have professional architect, interior designer and graphic designer we just assemble their talent and be able to provide you whole work plan, elevation with three dimensional images.

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